Why You Should Try out The Bayes Loan App

Mobile lending has been made easier thanks to the Bayes loan app. A product of Pi capital ltd, the Bayes app comes with a wide range of features that offer an exciting mobile lending experience. In addition to borrowing, Bayes users can use the app to manage their finances. Here is why you should install the Bayes  app on your mobile device!

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Bayes Loan App

Why Bayes Loan App?

Here are some of the reasons you need Bayes.

Easier Installation

You can easily download and install the Bayes loan app from Google Playstore. All you need is an android smartphone to get you started.

User Friendly

The Bayes app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to navigate and access various features. Whether you want to borrow,   send money, Buy Airtime, pay merchants, or pay your bills, all these features are easily accessible on the interface. Furthermore, the loan app features a loan repayment button that allows users to repay their loans in installments. If you are looking for a loan app that offers a seamless user experience, then it’s high time you try out Bayes.

Excellent Features

Unlike other digital lending platforms that mainly focus on lending, the Bayes app comes with a wide range of features for users. Besides mobile loans the Bayes lending app allows users to send money, pay bills, track their expenditure and pay for bills on various merchant platforms. As such, it provides a seamless and cashless way of making payments.

Easier Cash management

In case you find it challenging to manage and track your expenditure, then the Bayes app is a perfect platform for you. The app enables users to track and manage all their bank accounts from a central location. This allows them to make direct deposits to their respective accounts.

Fast loan approval

Do you get caught up in an emergency and find it challenging to access mobile loans? The Bayes app is the ultimate solution. Upon submitting a back-dated six months Mpesa statement, you are likely to receive a loan within 10 minutes or less.

Flexible Loan Repayment Schedule

The Bayes app gives users flexible loan repayment schedules that suit their financial status. Though repaying your loan in installments is likely to affect your chances of qualifying for a higher loan limit, we offer a flexible repayment plan that makes it easier for borrowers to service their loan without undue pressure.

However, we encourage Bayes app users to repay their loans on time so as to improve their credit scores and chances of qualifying for higher loan limits.

Excellent Customer Service

The Bayes app is run by a vibrant and dedicated young team of customer service representatives. They are committed to offering exceptional customer service that meets client expectations. The team works round the clock to attend to client inquiries. Their efforts guarantee effective and efficient customer service to all customers.

Download the Bayes Loan app now!

Get the Bayes app now from Google play or email us through customercare@bayes.co.ke, or Tel. 020-765-0847/020-765-0852. Install the Bayes loan app now and enjoy the great features.

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