Bayes is a cutting edge Digital mobile lending and Payments application

Bayes is a cutting edge Digital mobile lending and Payments application that allows customers to borrow micro loans, send money to each other, schedule & pay bills, pay merchants among other many features.

With our 24/7 customer support, fast and easy account opening processes and unique tools that keep up with your lifestyle, we ensure efficiency, transparency, security and control of your finances anywhere anytime. Our primary focus is to provide solutions to your financial challenges rather than offer you financial products.

Bayes offers a simple registration and loan application process, after which you receive your loan straight to your Bayes Wallet or M-Pesa account.

Bayes allows Kenyans to access:

  • Cash credit (micro loans)
  • Airtime Purchase
  • Send money to mobile money accounts & banks
  • Pay merchants
  • Manage and pay utility bills (including but not limited to- buying tokens, paying water bills, cable subscription renewals etc.)

Bayes goes with you everywhere!

Enjoy micro-loan offers  of up to 50,000Kshs based on credit limit growth through responsible borrowing and timely repayments. Repayments are done via the Bayes Paybill number 599862; customers use their ID/Phone Number as the account number.

Bayes is all about efficiency, transparency and control. It offers customers a preference to access their Bayes account via USSD code *879*88#.

Essentially, it’s your must have financial partner, a partner who travels with you everywhere you go, built to give you the opportunity to enjoy a healthy financial life, and reap from your investment at the touch of a button. It is the change engineered to help you manage your money now, and is smart enough to “see” into the future in cognizance of your lifestyle. This mobile account is all about efficiency, transparency and control.

Bayes' Portfolio

Bayes is meant to complement your busy life and simplify your mobile transactions besides giving you fast mobile loans that work for you.
  • #1
    Mobile Loans

    We offer you a chance to get instant credit through analysis of your mobile data. With our easy repayment terms and clear fees, we bring transparency in understanding your cost of credit.

  • #2
    Bill payments

    We provide a way for you to schedule your bills enabling automatic payments when they are due and also manual payments when need be

  • #3

    Direct sending of money from the bayes wallet to the intended recipient without much complications and minimal fees e.g send to Bayes customer, mobile money wallets, bank accounts e.t.c

  • #4
    Buy Airtime

    Bayes offers you a simple and convenient way to buy airtime from within the Bayes wallet at no extra cost.

  • #4
    Pay Merchants

    Make direct payments to merchants both to Mobile money & bank accounts enabling a cashless experience and bringing convenience to the customer.

  • #6
    Track your expenditure

    Using Bayes as your wallet for making all your mobile transactions allows you to track and monitor your expenditures and allowing you to know what to cut down on

Do even more with Bayes

Not sure how to go about your savings or unable to track your expenditure? Think Bayes,
Personal Finance Management

Are you a spend thrift? Do you want to cut back on impulse buying? Bayes gives you a platform to track you spending habits while on the move. It allows you to get an overview and breakdown of your everyday spending. The app also allows you to view your payments by either category or merchant and customize how you would like to view your expenditure and income. Bayes is here to help you make better financial decisions and lead you to financial independence.

Set Saving Goals

We are here to help you achieve your financial goals regardless of your financial position. We encourage you to save for things that are dear to you and to save for a “rainy day”. Just set a goal, customize it to suit your purpose such as your saving plan, as well as receive hints on how to achieve a goal based on your target amount.

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