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Frequently asked questions

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1. How do I repay my Bayes loan?

From the app, use the repay button on the loans screen to repay your installment or the full amount.

Alternatively send the money to our paybill 599862, use your ID number as the account number.

2. How does one qualify for a loan?

Loan qualification is based on several factors including mobile money usage, borrowing and repayment history from other lenders, and credit rating by various CRBs among others.

Those who do not qualify instantly are encouraged to keep the app installed and use the other services we provide to build a history with us and qualify for a loan in future.

3. Can I pay once at the end of my loan term?

We advise clients to make their payments as per the agreement during disbursement.

Skipping installments will negatively affect your eligibility for future loans.

4. What if I pay early?

We encourage you to repay early or on time, this will positively contribute to growing your loan limit.

5. How to access Bayes after losing my phone or on a new phone?

Kindly reach out to us through Facebook or using the chat feature on our app for further assistance.

Alternatively dial *879*88# to access your Bayes account.

6. What happens if I do not repay on time?

Failure to repay on time will result in penalties, reduced loan limits or inability to access another loan.

Note that accounts in default for more than two weeks will be blacklisted and reported with the Credit Bureaus.

7. Why is my initial loan limit zero?

After you create an account we review your borrowing history with other lenders from CRB, unfortunately if your score is negative you do not qualify for a loan immediately. Keep the app installed and use other services on the app to qualify for a loan in future.

8. Why was my loan limit reduced to zero?

This is due to poor loan repayment history. If your loan is overdue for a long time you cannot access a new loan immediately. We will notify you via text if you are reconsidered for a loan.

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