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What is the Bayes?

Bayes is your financial partner, a partner who travels with you everywhere you go, built to give you the opportunity to enjoy a healthy financial life, and reap from your investment at the touch of a button. It is the change engineered to help you manage your money now, and is smart enough to “see” into the future in cognizance of your lifestyle. This mobile account is all about efficiency, transparency and control. To get started,download the app and begin your journey to financial freedom with Bayes.

  • Save Money
  • Pay Bills
  • Pay Merchants
  • Transfer Money
  • Get Loans

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Pay Merchants

So how does the app work? Easy, tap, click, pay and go from your android phone. It helps you enjoy seamless secure spending from your digital account.


Pay with:

  • Masterpass
  • M-pesa
  • M-visa
  • QR code
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Bills Management

Why not budget and schedule for your monthly bill and let us do the rest for you? Get notifications when your bills are due, and make your payments easily with a tap of a button or let us make the payments for you when they are due.

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Internet
  • Mobile

Pay with:

  • masterpass
  • mpesa
  • visa
  • barcode
  • bayes-pay
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We are here to help you achieve your financial goals regardless of your financial position. We encourage you to save for things that are dear to you and to save for a “rainy day”. Just set a goal, customize it to suit your purpose such as your saving plan, as well as receive hints on how to achieve a goal based on your target amount.

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Get Loan

Forget about traditional credit. We offer you a chance to get instant credit through data. With our easy repayment terms and clear fees, we bring transparency in understanding your cost of credit. The more loans your repay on time, the higher your loan limit, lower fees and flexible repayment terms.

Bayes Financial Services Loans
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Personal Finance Management

Are you a spend thrift? Do you want to cut back on impulse buying? Bayes gives you a platform to track you spending habits while on the move. It allows you to get an overview and breakdown of your everyday spending. The app also allows you to view your payments by either category or merchant and customize how you would like to view your expenditure and income. Bayes is here to help you make better financial decisions and lead you to financial independence.

Bayes Financial Services personal finance management
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Funds Transfers

Make funds transfers to other banks, to mobile wallets and SWIFT transfers.

Bayes Financial Services fund transfer

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